Cincin Kate Middleton - Princess Diana

It was among the first questions asked after news of the engagement hit the press: What does Kate Middleton’s engagement ring look like?
That evening at St. James’s Palace, the world finally got a glimpse of a ring that looked familiar: The 18-carat oval sapphire surrounded by diamonds was the one worn by Princess Diana.
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Diana chose the ring from several shown to her in 1981 for her engagement to Prince Charles. But her choice at the time didn’t come without a scandal.
Scoffers — including some in the royal family — said that the future princess had chosen a ring that anyone could buy, instead of having one custom-made. At the time, it cost $60,000.
But Princess Di had an eye for style even then, and that “commoner's sapphire” has borne her name ever since. She wore it even after her divorce from Prince Charles.

Frank Soto works on a replica of the engagement ring Prince William gave to Kate Middleton at Natural Sapphire Co. in New York. Minutes after the world first saw the ring, the phones started ringing off the hook at the Manhattan jewelry maker.

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